I love the library, because I definitely wasn’t even planning on going today. What started at just a place to really get out of the cold, and read some comics turned into all of this. I love books, I really do and I plan to read, read, READ.

Why? Mostly because at the end of this month I’ll be taking my English Regents now instead of in June because I’m in an honors class. My teacher refuses to review with us because he believes his star class will excel no matter what. I’m not taking that chance, and I’m not saying I’ll finish reading all of these by the end of January, you must be out of your mind. I’m saying that it’s suppose to snow like crazy, and instead of being freezing on my computer all day I think I’ll snuggle in bed with a nice book. It’s not that I don’t love you Tumblr, what would I do without you? It’s just there’s something like imagining yourself as another person, which only a book or a really good movie or play could do to me.

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